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Guild Level 25

Guild Master Flyzikman, Officers Unclejunior, Kansir, Abysspriest, and Rudely welcome you to Pantheons Elite of Balnazzar Lightning's Blade. Pantheons Elite is a "Raiding Guild". We are an experienced and fun guild(at least we think so). Pantheons Elite has been around since the middle of Wrath of the Lich King but most of the leadership has been raiding since Vanilla and Burning Crusade. We are currently working on starting Firelands by filling out our remaining spots we need in the raid team. Pantheons Elite leadership is flexible in planning, so if you have an idea, please run it by us by means of a forum entry or in game mail.  We also plan on raiding prior content for achievements and Legendary Items.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message any of the officers listed at the top of the page.

This web site is to be used to schedule all guild raids.  You will find scheduled raids by utilizing either the 'Rapid Raid'  or "Calendar" tab on the every page or by simply by clicking on the calendar date itself.  Dates with a scheduled raid are highlighted by means of a 'box' around the date.

 General Code of Conduct

Members of Pantheons Elite are expected conduct themselves honorably

  • If you "ninja" anything in a raid, be it a guild raid or not, you will be summarily kicked from Pantheons ElitePantheons Elite is now and will continue to be an honorable guild.  If you host a raid for the purpose of trying to get gear for yourself, please tell all invitees up front, before the raid starts so that they know in advance that the piece of gear is 'reserved' and can opt out of the raid should they desire.


  •  If you enter a chat with the purpose of inciting anger or causing "flame wars" due to your actions/words, in other words "trolling", you will be kicked from Pantheons Elite.  We are here to play the game, NOT to play on peoples emotions, race, color, creed, politics or parentage.  If you do this maliciously you will be kicked.

Note to Parents

The leadership of Pantheons Elite recognizes that people of all ages play World of Warcraft.  Pantheons Elite includes players aged 14 to 53 years old.  Pantheons Elite Officers are all military veterans... Flyzikman(US Marine), UncleJunior(US Navy) & Kansir(US Army).  The Officers believe that the way a player plays the game is a direct reflection of how they conduct themselves in Real Life.  Additionally, we believe that valuable 'life lessons' can be learned or better instilled through game play. 

Your child understands that should he or she quit Pantheons Elite, there is no coming back.  We may give them one more chance, depending on circumstance, but for the most part, quitting is a one time thing.

We are big on personal responsibility and being prompt.  When a guild member signs up to attend, we expect him or her to be there and to be there on time.  We count on it,as raids are designed around charactor talents and their specs.  In other words we need this many dps charactors, this many healers, etc.  

If a guild member signs up and for some reason cannot make the raid, we ask that they take the few minutes to modify the sign-up list on the calendar so we know that they will not attend.

This is where we need your, the parents, help.  We understand that family comes first and that a change in family plans will, at times, affect your child's game play time.  We also know that, at times, it may be necessary to curtail your child's game play time so that he or she concentrates more on school work or  has the time to reflect an how they may have 'messed up' in another area of life.  What we ask, is that they be given the chance to inform Pantheon Elite that they will be unable to participate by changing their sign-up status.  This will only take a few minutes and will reinforce the lessons of personal responsibility.  Please remember that, in a 10 man raid, 9 others count on your child being there and in a 25 man raid, 24 others count on he or she showing up, promptly.  Most of us work a full time job and look forward to the time we get to raid, players not showing up to raid cuts into this time, if we know in advance we can plan in advance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them, just send UncleJunior an in game mail, your kid can show you how.  If you should ever decide you want to become a player, we will welcome you whole heartedly.  I (UncleJunior) am Flyzikman's(Guild Master) dad, he got the game for me so we could keep in touch while he was in the US Marines and deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Obviously I'm still playing and enjoy the people I meet through playing World of Warcraft.

Have fun,

UncleJunior, for the Officers of Pantheon Elite


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